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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 26, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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all good things must come to an end though. we'll tell you about the rain uming up in your insta-weather plus forecast. >> the onlt suspect in the disappearance of robin gardner will go free. >> gary giordano will be released from jail. the latest in the robin gardner case. >> robin gardner and gary giordano had been vacationing in aruba for three days when guard ner vanished. a tourist took these pictures of the couple two hours before gardner went missing. surveillance video shows giordano looking for help minutes after she vanished. he has maintained his innocence. >> all the proof i have seen, everything up until now, that i have seen, clears gary giordano and confirms his version of the
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facts. >> giordano sat in an aruban jail for a month while prioritization -- since august 5 while prioritization looked for more evidence. he is free to leave the island tuesday if the prosecution's attempt at an appeal are not successful. the prosecution filed an appeal shortly after the judge's ruling. >> when i asked him what he feels about his release, he started to cry and asked me to excuse mi him for a few minutes. >> he has been revusevude 30 times. the -- his story has been reviewed and the prosecution says there have mn been numerous inconsistencies. he tried to cash in on a life-insurance policy he took out on robin gardner before the trip two days after her
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disappearance. >> it is our intention to bring about the truth. >> friends said gardner and giordano met on a date be web site. a facebook page started by the women's friends in maryland includes angry reaction to the news of giordano's release. >> a hearing on the appeal will likely take place monday. meanwhile, prosecutors intend to continue their investigation. he could eventually be exdrithe dieted -- extradited back to aruba if they find more evidence. >> a burned body discovered in a car thursday morning in the 13 1300 block of phoenix road. a preliminary investigation reveals the vehicle drove over a hill and down an embankment before canking -- before washing
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fire. a medical examiner is working to determine the cause of death. >> a car crashed into a tree friday night. two girls taken to the hospital in stable condition. a man in critical. two people died and have not been identified. >> this year's black friday shopping was not for the faint of heart. the holiday sales may be kicking into full gear, but in some stores, sthr was anything but -- there was anything but good cheer in the air. one woman pepper sprayed others to get to the front of the line. one robber shot a 55-year-old woman and demanded her purse. in california, a gunman shot shoppers critically injuring one. >> after the black friday
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madness, mom and pop stores are hoping you will throw a little business their way. sheldon dutes has more on the push to get people to buy local. >> i've never been to this part of town. it is fun. a lot of eclectic things. a lot of things you wouldn't find at a mall. >> they are encouraging people to shop at the smaller stores. >> we're the base of the economy. we're keeping the local economy strong. >> even though business was good friday, she is gearing up for
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saturday. >> we are doing a special promotion. we are doing some two for one on cake mixes and other fun things. >> downtown, casey mcdunnough is doing her party -- part. >> we are serving champagne and cookies this afternoon. >> roimp shows small businesses help raise property values around them. they also offer good customer service with a familiar smile. >> more often than not, they really know their customers. >> they can be relevant to their customers. >> we get to review a lot of new products that we don't have the rest of the year for the holiday season. >> sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we posted holiday hours.
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the biggest cities, and the five places to book mark for the best buys. go to and cck on "the holidays." >> this week baltimore county is offering a gift to lom shoppers. county officials hope it will -- shoppers are taking advantage of the offer. >> absolutely. it is easy to park when it is free. we save a couple bucks so we can eat in towson also. >> and if shopping isn't on your schedule, this weekend you can have free parking which will be provided the week before christmas. >> the time is 6:07. word has it. >> find out why this snow is unusual. >> and you're taking a live look
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outside. it is a gorgeous morning. lowell has your insta-weather plus forecast next. don't go away.
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>> generally, snow in lass lags this time of year, not so unusual. this time of year, skiers love it. the national weather service has
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more than 30 inches of snow fallen in anchorage this mofment it is already the third snowyest month in history, and there have more in the forecast. >> no snow here. i wanted to show you this sunrise in ocean city from the grand hotel and spa. cameras mounted there. a beautiful, beautiful morning. temperatures around 35 degrees. b.w.i. at 38. calm winds. if you are in ocean city this weekend, you could not have pick aid better weekend to head down to the shore as they are going to see temperatures there like us in the mid 60's today with a lot of sunshine. speaking of those good temperatures, we farely broke a record yesterday out at the inner harbor. missed it by 3 degrees. 70 degrees at the inner harbor. 70 at b.w.i. marshall. our low temperatures were right around where they should be. although they were a couple
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degrees above normal. just great weather we're having now. it is going to extend for the next couple days, and then it will all come crashing down when another system comes in and brings us rain. let's not talk about that yet. in westminster 48 degrees. frostburg at 48. remember, shop local. that's the theme for today. temperatures anywhere from 60 to 67. so basically a repeat and rewind of yesterday. sun comes and goes. there is a high pressure system we're watching over north carolina that's giving us all of this great weather.
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we're keeping a close eye out here which will get here late tonight into tomorrow. behind this, the rain and behind the front, the high pressure will drop the temperatures 20 degrees from where they are right now. futurecast shows cloud cover comes and goes. i stopped it around 5:00 on sunday where we see our first little bit of shower activity, and then continuing into monday, showers will be on and off. so some showers will be heavy. some will be light. and we'll see a break in the clouds. it is going to be one of those types of rains that will stick with us through wednesday. >> partly cloudy and cool conditions. south winds at 5 miles per hour. mostly cloudy. not chilly. looking at our seven-day, a 20% chance of rain after dark.
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40% chance of rain on monday. then when the system moves through, tuesday into wednesday, we see the t drop 50 on tuesday. 45 on wednesday. then heading into thursday and friday, we're back into the low 50's. >> president obama's love for baltimore could bring him into the area today. the president is expected to watch the towson tigers take on the oregon state fairs. the commander-in-chief not rooting for the home team. he'll be here supporting his brother-in-law who happens to be the head coach of oregon's men's basketball team. >> well, there is a new push this morning to honor nfl hall of famer lenny moore. this would be bronzed, public, and in baltimore. there is already a bronze likeness of moore at nfl hall of name in canton, ohio.
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they are working to raise funds not only to his athletic prowess but also his social action. >> this is 40 years ago that he played and he's still giving back. >> even on the last game on thanksgiving, the ravens played, who was there saluting the kicker? it was lenny moore. >> moore was an all-american halfback. >> we love our sports heroes. i hope he gets a statue. >> price hikes next in consumer alert. >> why many are worried social security won't be enough to live off.
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>> in "consumer alert" nearly nine million americans are working full-time -- part-time jobs but they would like to be full time. even with the economic turn around, the trend may continue. the increasing use of parttimers may help staffing work on benefits. >> a growing number of professional women are burning out at work before they reach the age of 30. machine are more likely to take breaks for lunch or take a walk, but experts say these women will have to redefine their goals and come up with different measures of success to grow in the corporate world. >> a new study finds many americans think their retirement years won't be so golden. people aren't confident that social security pensions or savings will be enough to sustain them. >> meet rodney, ursula, and
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steve. three colleagues all working at the same security company who wonder not when but if they will be able to retire. >> it is not something i depend on, social security, i dobde don't depent depend on that. >> even if you are putting away money and doing the right things, then what would you do if the pile you have isn't worth anything? >> according to a retirement study by wells fargo, it seems the younger the worker the less likely he or she will depend on social security to get through the golden years. >> workers say they expect 20% of each retirement dollar to come from the government. those in the 50's expect a bit more. 36%. if you are even closer to retirement age the social security he can peckation is higher, 46%. robert isn't there yet. he's 68 years old with no plans of walking away from the
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benefits business he built over 30 years. he advises workers to invest in 401-k plans. >> a problem we have had for a long time is we are not a saving nation. >> most of us have saved just 7% of what we think we'll need to leave the corner office and predict we will work into our 80's. >> we have heard this before. prices are going up to the post office. rate hikes out in addition to the one cent stamp increase announced this year. it is an effort to stave off bankruptcy which is sky rocket. the debt will reach $16 billion next year. the postal plan -- it will now cost you $39.95 plus the price for priority mail is increasing lightly more than 3%. the new pricing goes in effect on january 2. >> you can see more than 600
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decorated trees and wreaths coming up. first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> the first family is looking ahead to the holiday season. you can see michelle obama looking ahead -- at the white house christmas tree. joined by her daughters and the first dog. the 19-foot tall tree came from
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wisconsin and will be on display in the blue room of the white house. >> each year kennedy krieger helps more than 16,000 children. the institute provides a wide range of services for children with developmental dibblingts. one of the biggest fund raisers is the festival of trees. the 22nd annual vest fal runs through the -- festival runs through the weekend. rob roblin has more. >> it all started in 1990. over the years festival of trees has become a christmas tradition. >> if you have kids, it is a great place to spend the day. festival of trees here at timonium fair grounds would put anyone in the christmas spirit and help a good cause. >> and the money all goes to kennedy krieger to help with our research and community program. it is our biggest fund raiser of the whole year. over the last 22 years -- 21
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years, we've raised over 12 million. this year we hope to add another million or two to it. >> there are over 600 decorated trees, wreaths, and ginger bread houses including these from our morning show crew. if you are looking for a christmas tree decorated to buy, this is the place to go. there is this ravens tree, a lottery tree, even this funky monkey tree made by the art angels. >> it is a wonderful feeling we get. we have fun doing it. i can just picture all the kids in the hospital or something, you know, looking at them and wanting one of them. it is a wonderful feeling. it really is. >> all the freeds go to kennedy krieger institute to help kids like sam livingston. >> thank you very much. help me out. when he was younger in third grade his life was more difficult and in crisis. sam is high functioning on the autistic spectrum. kennedy krieger really saved us. >> if you are looking for
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something to do this weekend -- >> we love it. we come here every year. >> everyone is enjoying themselves. >> turn out to the kennedy krieger festival of trees and be sure to take a look at this special tree decorated with pictures of the kennedy krieger kids. the money raised here goes to help. it is what christmas is all about. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and that will put you in the holiday spirit to head out there for sure. >> the time now is 6:25. 38 degrees on tv hill. coming up, a look at our top stories. >> if you are looking at work, you might be in luck. the big blow-out deals. a look at the seasonal -- >> another great day to head out there and have your insta-weather plus forecast after the break.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." we'll get to our top stories in just a moment.
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>> first let's go to lowell melzer with the weather. >> i think this is the last warm weather we will see for quite a while, but that's the way it is. >> maybe not. >> all right. i'll be optimistic. we will cool down next week with rain that comes in. let's talk about the good stuff now. 37 degrees at b.w.i. marshall. calm winds. a little humid out thrfment that's why you will see condensation forming on your car. 46 degrees there. still a little humid. a quick look at what your day is going to look like. at 9:00 this morning, 47 degrees. warming up to 58. by 3:00, we're in the mid touper 60's. like yesterday, a spectacular day. if you are going to do shopping, locally, by the way, that's the theme. or head out to watch some of the college football games today at your favorite watering hole or restaurant. it should be a great day to do some of that stiff. we'll spr a closer look at your
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insta-weather plus forecast in a couple minutes. >> the only suspect in the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba is about to go free. gary giordano is suspected in the presumed death of robin gardner. he has not been charged. a judge rejected the prosecution's request to hold him another 30 days because there was not enough evidence. he is set to be released tuesday. the prferings -- prosecution has appealed the judge's decision. >> in elk ridge a driver lost control of his car and crashed into a tree. two girls taken to shock trauma in stable condition. a man in critical condition. the two people that died have not been yet identified. >> at least one of the three american students arrested during a protest in cairo has left egypt. an attorney for one of the three
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confirmed that departure. the other students booked flights for today. they were arrested on the roof of a university building near tahrir square and were accused of throwing firebombs at security forces. >> republicans and democrats in washington are playing the blame game over the failure of the budget cutting super committee. as brian mooar tells us, millions of americans could start feeling the effects if lawmakers can't bridge their differences in the coming weeks. >> the failure of the congressional super committee sets the stage for a year-end spending showdown on capitol hill. month >> on the to-do list, right away, is legislation possibly extending payroll tax credits and unemployment benefits. >> millions of americans could pay the price if congress can't find a way to extend payroll tax cuts, unemployment benefits, and some business breaks that expire at the end of the year. president obama wants voters to put the pressure on lawmakers.
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>> tell them don't be a crin much. put the country before party. >> the super committee flop will avoid -- republicans plame the president. >> when it came to the end stages, when the notion should have been underway to solve the budget and debt problem in the country, the president wasn't there. >> republicans have to figure out how to keep tax breaks without spending a cent. >> they will look for things to cut. again, we are back where we were for basically this entire year. >> brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is not a permanent fix. some retailers are hiring for the holidays. that's good news for americans looking for -- barry sims takes a look at who's hiring in our area this holiday season.
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>> at this target store in pikesvill one of the busiest areas is the -- a target spokeswoman said the store hired 92,000 seasonal workers and this year it is on track to hire 5% to 10% more. while stores and other companies may be hiring more seasonal work he is -- wo workers, they are still very selective. >> the right people are still hard to find sometimes. >> on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, this small boutique is having an anniversary. a studio in pikesville opened in december two years ago. >> in a recession, definitely the tail end, to me it seemed like the tail end of the
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recession, my husband said during the recession. >> but lauren saw a great opportunity. after slow beginning she has hire extra tearl sales staff. >> we noticed it was busier than last year. >> the indicators that business is picking up, more customers coming in. also they were spending more on luxury items than gifts. >> when you watch the news and what's happening, you feel affected. in this particular area i would say people are starting to spend again. >> she said while sales were slow when she first opened, they have gotten better. barry sills, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> good news for basketball players out there. >> and charities and nonprofits. what you can do to help spread cheer. >> and another great day to head out for outdoor activities.
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>> and here's a view from the ocean city spa. currently in ocean city, it is 35 degrees.
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winds calm. we are under the pluns of high pressure. another day of high pressure and sunshine. 38 in westminster. chestertown 40. ocean city 35. out west, a mixed bag. in oakland, 50 degrees. so it is going to shape up to be a nice day. if you are heading out and about, a carbon copy of yesterday, which we like. winds out of the west-southwest. temperatures from 63 to 67 degrees. take my advise, do some outdoor activities. this warm weather is not going to last, and you are going to kick yourself when you had the chance to do it and then it is 50's and high 40's and raining out. the rest of the state the same
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thing. up into southern pennsylvania, they will be in the high 60's, so it should be a wonderful day to get out and enjoy the weather. don't get to do that too often this time of year. right now, high cloud cover around most of the state. that will come and go throughout the day and give the sun a chance to poke through and warm temperatures up. we are getting those breaks in the clouds because of high pressure sitting over north carolina. that's giving us fantastic weather. unfortunately this weather system will give us weather to push this out of the way. on the back end of this, cooler temperatures and windy conditions, too. so we're right on the hinges of winter, and we'll see what that
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will be like. throughout the day into sunday, around 5:00, spotty showers starting to form there. like a come and go rain thing this time of year. no doubt we will get some wet weather tonight. cool conditions. it won't feel as cold as if the winds are blowing. as i said, enjoy your weekend. 20% chance of rain tomorrow. probably after dark. the good news is, it remains mild and we continue mild into monday. a 40% chance of rain there. once the system starts moving in, as the high comes in, we see the temperatures drop 20 degrees
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from where they are now. then wednesday, thursday, and friday we have temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's. >> a tradition for a lot of families families this weekend is picking out the perfect christmas tree. the season is not looking so bright for tree farmers in texas. after a record-breaking drought and wild fires, many farms have been wiped out. most families plan to import trees to sell. big price hikes not expected probably because most consumers say they do not expect to pay more $40 or $50 for a tree. >> charities and the red cross say food, clothing, and blood are in short supply. david collins has more. >> bargain hunters camped out for days to save a few bucks. at least these people have a little money. those standing here may not. lines for free food and other life essentials are just as long. >> we are anticipating serving 400 people this year. we have donations and food service going on.
6:41 am
>> charities and nonprofits across the region see a greater need this year compared to last. red cross resources are stretched dangerously thin. >> the red cross needs more than anything else, we need financial assistance right now. >> red cross officials believe fires are driving that need. the agency said there are at least three fires a day in the area. disasters where people need food, shelter, and clothing. donating money rather than goods gives the agency more money. >> every single disaster, everybody's needs are different. so for somebody, it might be a blanket. for someone else, they might need their prescription medication replaced. for somebody else, they might need diapers for their kids. >> good will provides assistance too. >> we help people with disabilities. anyone in need can come in to good will and we will help them
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navigate services, help them get job training and help them get jobs. >> the effects of hurricane irene stranded local charities and hit the red cross especially hard. >> to donate on line. >> $200 donations provide food and shelter for one family for two days. >> this year we have launched something really great. it is our holiday catalogue. so you can go online with your family and flip through the catalogue and decide togher what you want to get a family. >> the catalogue offers everything from providing phone carts to clean water for victims of natural disasters overseas. >> we are not government-funded. we are a nonprofit. so, you know, we're going to be there, but we need your help. >> david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. gentleman well, are your pants a little tight after the big holiday meal?
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"11 fitness" coming up. >> you went running. did you good. >> i did. i wevent running on thanksgiving day. >> first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. it is time for "11 fitness." charles harris is here the day after the day of thanksgiving. >> today we want to talk about making exercise a habit.
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we hear enough about a new diet. we hear enough about a new exercise program. we hear it, we do it. it doesn't work. we lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight. exercise should become something that is a lifestyle. now, when you first got your driver's license, you were driving like this and paying attention to the road. now you can drive with make-up, you can drive -- >> you are not supposed to do that. it is called distracted driving. >> you can eat your lunch on your lap because driving is a habit now. so exercise needs to become a part of your lifestyle. when you create a lifestyle, you create a destiny for yourself. we are going to do some things. we are going to -- >> i am too -- >> you don't want to mess up
6:47 am
your hair. but this is a collaboration of my 20 years of training women, and i heard every excuse in the book. i wanted to address ways to overcome the excuses. like i don't want to mess my hair up, i don't want to mess my nails up, but i don't -- >> nails? >> i don't want to chip my nails when i do my weights. what we want to do is use this program in the privacy of your home. your going to set your home up like a gym. the kitchen is one part of the gym, your bedroom, living room, and dining room. each area of your home should be a place where you work out. for example, when you go to the kitchen you can -- every time you can put something in the microwave you can sort of do this for 30 seconds. >> or your pantry. >> whatever you see. you create your kitchen as a gym. secondly, when you go to your bedroom, you can have -- you
6:48 am
might go to the bedroom 10 times a day. you do your bicep curls. this is going to be funny. every time you go to your camode, have weights next to your camode. it will be funny. think about it. you're sitting there anyway, do your shoulder press. follow me so far? >> every time you go up stairs, jumping jafpblgts so that way in your daily routine, are you working out anyway. if you do this 21 days, you create a habit. >> ok. i'm laughing. i have heard of people taking books and magazines to the bathroom. >> hand weights. >> put them in there, leave them there. thank you, charles.
6:49 am or 443-250-3390. stay with us. >> a look at your weekend forecast when we come back. first a look at what's coming up on the "today show." >> the holiday shopping season is officially underway. black friday turns into a black and blue friday as fights and robberies, including one scuffle where a woman pepper sprayed fellow shoppers. we'll get the latest on those incidents and the rest of the retail numbers. >> a mystery in ohio. police believe the victims were found on craig's list. why authorities fear there could be more victims. >> plus a twist in the case of an american woman that went
6:50 am
missing in aruba. robin gardner's travel companion is the only suspect in the case and on friday he was released from an aruban jail. when could he head back to the u.s.? we'll tell you. >> and then home to a lot of royalty over the years. soon william and kate will move into kensington palace. but is it cursed?
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>> i hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend so far. a beautiful day on tap indeed. the ravens enjoying their weekend off. looking forward to a rest. it was well earned. victory over the niners the -- niners. ravens dominant up front against the offensive line. protected al smith very well. it defies logic. a conservative gameplan well executed left little doubt the ravens would win. now, continuing at that level against the 500 team, cleveland up in nine days.
6:54 am
>> we need to focus on getting healthy first of all. >> old mill. yeth get use today that name. he is something special. into the end zone. ties a season record. he's not done. next try, does it again. 44 for his career. that is the new single season record in md -- maryland. he was not done, not by a long shot. this touchdown puts him up 27-7. he has five touchdowns in the first half. seven for the game. 34-7 at the break. old mill knocks off catonsville by a final of 49-20. in howard county, hosting aberdeen. fans on hand for this one. first quarter. vaughn.
6:55 am
q.b. for river hill. cutback. into the end zone he goes. 43 yards into the end zone. 7-0 hawks. vaughn this time. play action. 32 yards. river hill. makes it back. m&t stadium. the 3-a title. winners last night. dunbar victorious. plays for the state championship. edmonton lost to middletown. comes to an end. that's a look at sports. i'm pete gilbert. have a good day. >> it looks like it will be a merry christmas for nba and fans. david sterns said he's confident there will be basketball. a tentative agreement. play a66-game season this year. the deal is subject to ratification by players and owners. >> thank goodness. the nba is back. >> because the season is not long enough, right?
6:56 am
>> this is baltimore. we only care about one thing right now, and that's the ravens. >> i agree. >> today would be great weather for a pick-up football game. >> it certainly would. i'm not an nba fan. i what can i tell you. i like the baltimore blelts. rain heading into monday and tuesday. >> we'll see you soon. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> as we come to the close of another year and celebrate the holidays we at wbal-tv 11 news pause to give thanks to those that make our home a special place to live. senator ben carter for the hotels for heroes campaign that allows americans to donate hotel reward points to members of the armed services when traveling for military health care. this is an outgrowth of the heroes miles campaign which collected frequent flier miles for military families who have used thousands of tickets of donated miles. also the founder of health care for the homeless working for 30 years to improve the lives of homeless feasms -- families. the baltimore arts is there keeping us entertained from the
6:58 am
new year's eve bash to the monument lighting not to forget free-fall baltimore which provided exhibits and cultural performances all for free during the entire month of october. we are thankful for irene smith for bringing back baltimore's oldest restaurant. the women's industrial exchange, a living history sell brailting maryland women. and trademark ownership of the hon title and gig it back to the city. 100 years ago the towers became a baltimore landmark and -- as the tallest building in town. thanks to philanthropists the building stands and serves as a state of the art studio space for artestsists. finally, we are thankful for you, our viewers, and offer you best wishes for a safe and heal
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